Parenting Classes

Below are miscellaneous parenting classes offered throughout the Columbia Gorge.

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Next Door/New Parent Services Parenting Classes

  • See classes for childcare providers and parents offered by Mid Columbia Child Care Partners.
  • Download the Parenting in the Gorge Guide featuring playgroups, teen programs, parenting classes & more. Spanish Parenting in the Gorge Guide
  • See the Next Door Parenting Education Web page
  • Additional programs include:

    • Parenting Classes for Parents of Children ages 10-14

      Strengthening Families - For info call 541 386-2500 ext. 3
      Hood River County Commission on Children and Families
      English series: Call Catherine Davis at (541) 386-2812 ext. 3

      Wasco County
      Youth Think (541) 506-2673
      The Parent Project
      Contact Jean McKern at (541) 506-3449 x 4007

    • Teen Parent Programs
      Hood River - Teen Parent Program at the
      Hood River Valley High School
      Contact Patti DeMartini at (541) 386-2770

      The Dalles - Teen Nurturing Parents at
      Mid-Columbia Child & Family Center
      Contact Tess Fegel-Osborne at (541) 298-5104

Childbirth Education

Classes are offered throughout the year at Providence Hood River Memorial Hospital. Call (541) 387-6340 to sign up for a class that begins before you are 30 weeks pregnant! Each class series for first time mothers/partners is 5 nights (Wednesdays). Cost for the five-class series is $38 for those who plan to deliver at PHRMH and $60 for those who plan to deliver elsewhere. Breastfeeding and Childbirth Refresher Courses are also available.

Classes are held from 6:30-9 PM in the PHRMH Education Center, Conference Room 1. Parking for these classes is available in the upper lot, 12th Street side of the hospital.

For details, see the Providence Hood River Memorial Hospital Website.

Birth & Beyond Doula Services

Supporting families through pregnancy, birth and beyond.

A Doula (from the Greek, meaning "in service of women") provides physical and emotional support for the laboring mother and her partner. When the partner and the doula work together they can ensure the woman’s emotional and physical needs are more fully met. Having a doula can enable your partner to be your birth companion, observe labor, and witness the birth. Statistics show that the benefits of having a trained Doula are:

  • 50% reduction in cesareans
  • 25% shorter labor
  • 60% decrease in epidural requests
  • 40% decrease in use of pitocin
  • 30% decrease in analgesic use
  • 40% decrease in forceps delivery

Birth & Beyond provides 24 hour on-call assistance that will guide the woman in her journey into motherhood.

During pregnancy, labor and postpartum a Doula will provide continuous support in whatever ways you may need. She will:

  • Provide two prenatal visits to talk about your special needs and prepare you for labor.
  • Provide uninterrupted emotional and physical support throughout childbirth.
  • Assist in maintaining a safe and supportive environment for the birthing family.
  • Support the partner so that the partner can more fully support the woman.

After the birth of a child you need to nurture yourself as well as your family. Adjusting to the new role is sometimes challenging. Birth & Beyond will provide you with a postpartum visit to ease the transition. We will assist you in whatever your needs are...breastfeeding support, newborn care, freshening up the home, a foot massage or cooking a welcome hot meal.

For more information contact:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
DeLona Campos-Davis
Bilingual in English and Spanish
(541) 387-3587