Hood River County Early Intervention

Early Intervention/ Early Childhood Special Education Services for Hood River School District

Hood River County Early InterventionWhat we are
Early intervention (EI) and early childhood special education (ECSE) are part of a statewide system offered through Hood River County. We provide services to children with special needs, ages birth to five years old. We provide services to children who have some type of difficulty in the area of speech, language, motor, learning, hearing, vision, self- help and or socialization.

What services are provided to children and their families?

  • We conduct free evaluations and screenings in the areas of the possible disability.
  • We do developmental education
  • Parent Education
  • Physical and Occupational Therapy services
  • Speech services
  • Assistive technology services

Who needs our services?
If you think a child may have difficulty with vision (example: difficulty seeing objects), hearing ( example: the child does not respond to sound like most children do), speech and language ( example: you have difficulty understanding the child when they talk ), Motor ( example: has difficulty holding objects, sitting or standing), socialization ( example: hard to quiet down, does not have eye contact), and learning ( example: you have done the same thing over and over with your child and they still have not picked it up)

Who can make a referral for services?
A family, day care provider, preschool, friends, physician or any community agency can refer a child for services. This must be done by phone. We can not take in emailed referrals.

What happens with a referral?
Once a phoned in referral is taken by our office, the family is contacted by our team. No evaluation or screening may be done without the consent of the child’s legal guardian.

Once signed consent has been give by the guardian, the child may receive a developmental screening and / or be recommended for a developmental evaluation. Trained staff complete observations, conduct diagnostic evaluations and gather information from parents. Once the evaluation is completed the team will go over the results with the family.

You can contact us:

Hood River County Early Intervention/ Early Childhood Special Education Program
Main Office # - 541-386-4919
Fax # - 541-387-5041