New Parent Services

You and your baby deserve a good start! 

New Parent Services is a free program for any parent with a baby or young child.  Our trained staff and volunteers offer parent to parent services to answer your questions and offer you support. 

Our services include:

Toy Lending Library

Lots of parents have asked us for toy ideas to match their little one's age. So we came up with lists of toys that work for every child's early years. The list includes lots of toys that show parents ways to play with their children. Through play, children can learn about the world around them and work on skills they will need in kindergarten. Stop by our Hood River Program Offices at 212 Second Street in Hood River, or call (541) 386-6665.

Our video library (English and Spanish) includes:

  • Child Development
  • Conflict Management for Children
  • Potty Training
  • Preparing for New Siblings
  • Postpartum Blues

Welcome Baby Visits Are For Everyone?

Yes! New Parent Services offers a Welcome Baby Visit to any one in Hood River County who is expecting a baby or who recently had a baby. A Welcome Baby Visitor can meet the family in their home, at a coffee shop, at our office or any where that the parent prefers.

What Happens During a Welcome Baby Visit?

The Welcome Baby Visitor discusses brain development, baby milestones, health and safety, quality child care, ways to comfort your baby, and early literacy. Parents have an opportunity to learn about community resources as well as receive a an excellent booklet on “First Step’s With Your Baby”, A First Reader Book”, a tippy cup, and a handmade gift from the community.

New Parent ServicesWho Qualifies for a Visit?

Anyone in Hood River County who is expecting a baby or has recently had a baby. We especially want to make sure that all parents who are just having their first baby receive a visit so they may learn the latest information about baby care and local resources. Parents of 2nd or more birth children are welcomed too. The visit and materials are FREE!

What Do Families Say About Their Welcome Baby Visit?

“I was really impressed that someone would come to my house to see me. I was thrilled to learn that there were books, and toys and parenting get-togethers that were all available to me. It was wonderful to have resources outside of myself because I am 45 years old, and am a brand new parent. We all need each other.” Elaine Thompson

The program’s ability to visit a large spectrum of parents and provide resources appropriate for each family is a great asset to our community.” LaJuan Jecker, M.D.

How Do I sign up for a Welcome Baby Visit?

It’s easy! Just call Sonia at New Parents Services, 386-8433, or ask you local medical provider to refer you to our program. By the way, if you have a friend that is expecting or has a new baby, just give us a call with a name, telephone number and address, and we will follow up.

Welcome Baby Visits are the first step in learning more about good parenting. Every parent and baby deserves a good start. So please spread the word about NEW PARENT SERVICES … AND WELCOME BABY VISITS!


We use volunteers to run support groups, play groups, home visits, in the office and to help with family socials. If you're interested, call (541) 386-8433. More Information...

See The Next Door's website for information on families served by New Parent Services.