Family Bridges of The Gorge

Changing Tomorrow by Helping Today

The Family Bridges of The Gorge has been providing education, treatment and assistance to children with emotional problems and their families for almost 30 years. We also provide outpatient counseling to help facilitate the emotional growth and social well-being of individuals, couples and families of all ages.

Family Bridges of the Gorge, Inc. operates as a private nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation that was initially founded in 1973 as Mid-Columbia Child & Family Center, Inc. (MCCFC). MCCFC formerly provided therapeutic day treatment and child care services for nearly 40 years within the Gorge Community. In 2012, these services ended due to funding reallocation, which forced the agency to redefine itself with an agency-wide innovative focus of providing peer-delivered educational, mental health and resource support services. Given MCCFC has had a long-standing history within our community and Family Bridges of the Gorge, Inc. possesses that same commitment to children, youth and families, albeit with a new treatment focus. Since its inception as MCCFC, Family Bridges of the Gorge, Inc. continues to uphold the tradition of forging strong partnerships with the local business community, media, school districts, human service agencies, and other youth & family–serving organizations in the community.

Family Bridges of the Gorge, Inc. promotes positive family development with practices that contain strong evidence of the following three therapeutic building blocks: Supports, Opportunities and Quality Services. These practices are designed to be straightforward and easily passed on from family to family either by personal association or by referral to community resources. The hope is that a network of family stability and wholeness will be developed within neighborhoods and in the greater Gorge communities.

Education Advancement
Education Paths to Work
Family to Family Tutoring

The Family Network to Community Opportunities
I Found It! Local Healthcare, Nutrition Counseling, Housing & Community Resources Assistance
Family Swaps & Connections

Empirical Parenting
Parenting Experiences that Educate
Over a Cup Parenting

Family Friendships
How Families Become and Remain Friends
Stuck Friendships
Rogue Relationships

Trauma Recovery Support
Life After Trauma Support Paths
Family Ways for Enduring the Effects of Trauma

Employment Connections
It’s Who You Know Employment
Family Money Making Ventures

Youth Legal Conflicts
Youth Detention Solutions

Family Gathering Alternatives

Forming Favorite Family Hang Outs
Family to Family Event Planning
Family CafeNeo

Marriage Mending Resources
Marriage Building Life-stories
Divorce Endurance Support

Money Stressor Support
Not Enough Money Tips

Decision Making within Families
Making Good Enough Decisions

Family Development
Forgotten Evidence of Family Endurance
Teaming, Talking & Chill Out Skills
Engaging & Adopting Grandparents

If you would like more information or are interested in donating, please call us at 541-298-5104 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..